Adam Warwick Hall

About the Artist

Fascinated by aircraft, animals and plants from an early age, Adam trained as a sculptor from 1989 to 1991. On graduating he immediately started work as a sculptor and model maker for the Film and TV industry at Shepperton and Pinewood Studios. He then progressed to specialist work with Exhibition and Aerospace companies creating one-off pieces which other trades were not able to make due to their complex curves and diverse materials.

 In 2010, after twenty years of making all types of shapes and forms in a range of materials for a wide variety of people and companies, Adam set up his own studio near Bristol. Inspired by aerodynamic, organic and animal forms his work as an artist has always been a mixture of biology and mechanisation. Adam’s love of aerodynamic forms fuels his concepts; fusing mechanised structures with organic forms to create his pieces.

 Working from his studio, using industrial metal construction and fabrication techniques, as well as traditional casting methods in bronze and steel, Adam sculpts, models and carves a broad selection of materials to create ‘the Aerorganic forms that reflect the aviation based world we know, now mixed with half remembered ancient organic forms and dreams of another possible future’.

 He works in several disciplines at once, carving in wax to be cast in bronze or steel, stopping to view the progression of pieces and then moving to direct construction in steel, copper and iron.


Bronze Resin (Ed 1/12)
550mm Width x 350mm Length x 350 mm Height

Harrier Hawk
Bronze Resin (Ed of 12)
300mm Width x 500mm Length x 260mm Height

Herringkel MK1
Bronze (Ed 12)
225mm Width x 510mm Length x 250 mm Height

Herringkel MK2
Bronze (Ed of 12)
350mm Width x 620mm Length x 310mm Height