Charming Baker

About the Artist

The artist’s solo shows at the Truman Brewery in 2007 and the Redchurch Street Gallery in 2009 were followed by a show in New York in 2010. In 2011, Baker’s London show at the Mercer Street Studios cemented his place as one of the rising stars in the world of Contemporary Art. In 2012, a sculpture entitled ‘Triumph in the face of absurdity’ was displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum (the piece was a collaboration for the 2012 Olympics between the artist and Sir Paul Smith).

Baker’s work explores well-trodden and intrinsically linked themes: life, love, death, terror, joy, despair… with an underlying reference to the classics and a dark humour. Although primarily a painter with an interest in narrative and an understanding of the tradition of painting, in recent years Baker has produced sculptural pieces in a wide and varied choice of materials, from the anciently traditional to the not so. Baker is also known to purposefully damage his delicate painting, including drilling, cutting and occasionally shooting them with a shotgun, intentionally and inadvertently putting to question the preciousness of art and adding to the emotive charge of the work he produces

lets not make life more difficult tn

Let’s Not Make Life More Difficult Than It Already Is
11 Colour Screenprint with buckshot holes
Size framed: 850mm x 1050mm