David Hockney

About the Artist

The Lilford Gallery is proud to present the much-anticipated David Hockney Print Exhibition. On display and for sale are 18 limited edition prints from 1966-1998 (most of which are signed).

Any chance to see the work of the world famous David Hockey should not be passed up. In 2011, Hockney was voted Britain’s most influential artist of the twentieth century. He acquired his fame in the 1960s as the man who brought Pop Art to Britain.

The artist, who frequently went to the movies with his father as a boy, once joked that he was raised in both Bradford and Hollywood. However, he first visited Los Angeles in 1963 where he made a name for himself with his iconic paintings of swimming pools. The Splash (1966) sold for £2.6 million in 2006.

In the 1970s Hockney began experimenting with paint-collage and photo-collage, but in the mid-1970s he completely abandoned painting in favour of photography. After some time he returned to painting, primarily painting seascapes, flowers and portraits. Later he experimented with the marriage of art and technology, using the Brushes app on iPhones and iPads to create paintings. It is fair to say that David Hockney has at every stage of his artistic career changed the art of the era and even at 76 is showing no signs of losing touch.

stanley at 8 weeks
Stanley at 8 Weeks

Signed Colour Coupler Print
Paper: 279mm x 216mm



Green, Blue and Grey Plant 

Signed Lithograph
Paper: 432mm x  480mm


Paper Pools 

Signed Lithograph
Paper: 267mm x 229mm