Eve De Haan

Having left university with a degree in Theology, Eve has spent time creating; she has written, illustrated and self-published a children’s book, “Bob the Dog”, taken on interior design projects, and produced artwork using acrylics and collage as mediums. Her love of the written word, studied at university, has given her a leaning towards words in her art. She has been influenced by Tracey Emin, David Shrigley, and Martin Creed, amongst others.

Eve has produced a collection of neon artwork for her new brand Half a Roast Chicken. She has enjoyed delving into the world of expression and of nuance, and understanding how there are different meanings attached to statements given their specific setting. Neon, with its brash, no-punches pulled persona plays with this understanding. Eve finds the medium to be perfect to accentuate how there are gradients and shades of meaning within a single word or statement.

Eve has brought together some mundane words and illuminated them by fabricating them into neon light. She believes light truly does add shade to the meaning of a statement. She hopes to present through her work that a statement can become so much more when you put it on a platform.

She uses materials sourced in the UK, and has chosen to introduce herself to the world at a pop up shop in the east end of London. Here, she turns aphorism on its head, and dares to be raucous and random. She promotes self help, and encourages female artists to create and be seen.


It’s Provocative
Pink Neon on Clear Perspex Board, Edition 1

Size Framed: 420mm x 1270mm

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