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Captain Cat

We have just curated a new show of both originals and limited edition prints in our studio including works by the one and only Sabina Pieper.






hirsty Bstrd is currently preparing for his upcoming Solo Show in our Lilford Studio. He’s making 20 NEW original works and you are more than welcome to come by and see him in action. The show is on from the 22nd Feb – 4th March with the Private View taking place on the 22nd from 6-8pm in our main gallery in Folkestone.

In the meantime you’ll find a mixed show of  original and limited edition works by a variety of artists in the second half of our studio.






Previous Exhibitions in Our Studio…





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Mixed Show of Original Paintings and Drawings





Xmas Show






All The Ladies








An exhibition curated to celebrate some of the most astonishing female artists working today, across a wide range of mediums – ranging from oil paintings, digital media, collage and much more!





The art of Jonathan Stewardson and Emmy Elphick:

A juxtaposition between urban and natural environments

Jonathan Stewardson

Emmy Elphick











Local Artists

Jonathan Stewardson

Castle Street (from the Castle Direction) II

James Bland



Wendy Baby Zebra 24 x 30

Robyn Neild

dancing figure II

A Lilford Street Art Guide

Thirsty Bstrd

Create or Die print

Pure Evil


Lora Zombie




Don’t forget to check out our show by the wonderful collage artist Maria Rivans, NOW SHOWING IN CANTERBURY – it’s a real feast for your eyes! Including prints, original works, and even some of her landscape pieces. The show will finish on the 8th December so get over there quick…

18th – 27th September
Henry Cockburn

hunted study 2


Until the 18th September we have on a

 Mixed Show


Michelle Mildenhall

Jonathan Stewardson


Lora Zombie


Robyn Neild

petit mort 2


with work from across all of our galleries


Jonathan Stewardson

Best Lane



Ric Horner


Hugh Ribbans


Over 100 pieces including original paintings, screenprints, woodcuts, sculptures and etchings at up to 50% off their original prices

We do not have our sale advertised or a list of all the works included, so you have to contact us or pay us a visit to see the works

Pop in to Lilford Studio this week to see the fantastic artwork of Ashleigh Dix!

Ashleigh Dix is a UK based artist who’s primary medium is collage – featuring strong colours in her tactile and decorative work. She draws inspiration from human experience and is interested in the subtle differences in expression and nuances of posture – encompassing social change and attitude.

If you are interested in holding an exhibition of your work at Lilford Studio please email us on

Ashleigh Dix


Mixed Show


Thirsty Bstrd
A Mini Show!


Sara Pope

kiss me quick

Dan Pearce


Michelle Mildenhall

qe1 tn

Paintballing at Lilford Studio!

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of June

Put these dates in your diary and come and join us for an art paintballing extravaganza

We here at Lilford Gallery Folkestone will be providing you with the opportunity to personalise a print by one of our best loved artists with a paintball gun

We have got 5 confirmed artists for this event and will be revealing them and their paintballing print over the coming weeks! Keep an eye on this events page and our social media pages to find out who our 5 participating artists are


Please note, prints by each artist will be limited to 25 so be sure to come along early to bag yourself a personalised print

Paintballing and art, what’s not to love?!

IMG_1149 (1)

Artist 1:
Sam Capell

Sam Capell is a Kent based artist, who has recently graduated from UCA in Maidstone after studying Illustration.

Printmaking, Zine making and making work about his time working in McDonalds (which many of us can relate to!) are all part of Sam’s practice.

Picture 87

Artist 2:
Michelle Mildenhall

Michelle Mildenhall is a UK artist creating provocative art that combines stylized imagery with her passion for latex in an exciting and innovative way. Michelle’s work is unique, with each artwork being meticulously constructed using sheet latex, a material that she has spent years working with.

Michelle Mildenhall was born in Wiltshire and studied textiles and surface pattern at Somerset College of Arts and Technology. This is where she first experimented with latex as a new medium. After finishing her degree she moved to London where she worked for 12 years as a commercial graphic artist. It was during this time that she had the idea of using latex to create something unique in the art world, “The idea came in a flash of inspiration while I was working on a latex outfit for myself. Visually it’s such a beautiful material it really deserves to be looked at and admired.”

Her influences include Pop Art, Bauhaus, Aubrey Beardsley, Cornelius Makkink, Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrian and Atsuko Kudo, to name a few! Mildenhall claims that she really finds inspiration from everywhere, from “Torture Garden to Typography… My portraits come from analyzing the subjects and stripping them down in a minimalist style whilst retaining their character. I also like to inject humour into some of my work.”

Mildenhall has carved a unique niche with her art which not only appeals to art lovers but to a new audience of latex lovers. She is boldly bringing the new artistic material firmly out of the fashion/fetish industry and into art and design spheres.

HermesTarget 2

Artist 3:

The life of a stencil artist is one of contradiction. The act of spray-painting is immediate and chaotic; yet the stencil is created painstakingly with absolute precision. A suitable medium for an artist who’s life is full of contradiction and who’s art continues the trend.

DS a US national, UK bred, public school ex-con, strives to create visually attractive, mentally engaging art all wrapped up in rich colour and form. His mission is to improve walls be it with art in a gallery and home or on the street hiding in plain sight!

image 2

Artist 4:
Eloise Edwards

I have recently graduated with BA(Hons) First Class in Fine Art at University for the Creative Arts Canterbury. Originally from Surrey, I am living in Canterbury, the residence of where my practice has developed. Selected to be part of the Turner Contemporary’s Graduate Platform in 2015 as well as being involved in numerous collaborations and exhibitions. These include partaking in Gustav Metzger’s ‘Facing Extinction’ Exhibition, Serpentine Gallery London, as well  as exhibitions in Crate, Margate.

My practice consists of documenting installation that I have created through the use of projecting onto sculptural forms in confined spaces. The documentation imagery/ photography allows a moment within instillation to be preserved. Perspectives of a simultaneous image with repetitions of faceted planes fragmenting and rendering the divisions between objects obscure. Installation distracts its audience from the ideology of a natural subject matter, with the focus of structural forms, shape, light, colour, the moving image glazing over static objects which owe then, reprojected through a live video camera. This flattening of collage creates a continual layering of the image, flattened and remodeled onto planes and over objects. As Greenberg comments, ‘the painter still tried to indicate real objects their shapes flatten and spread in the dense, two-dimensional atmosphere. A vibrating tension is set up as the objects struggle to maintain their volume against the tendency of the real picture plane to re-assert its material flatness and crush them to silhouettes.

Penelope paintball

Artist 5:
Penelope Neofytou

‘I am a Cypriot Artist currently based in Canterbury, balancing my practice with working as a Gallery Assistant at Lilford Gallery.
After graduating from the University for the Creative Arts Canterbury, in Fine Art, I have continued to specialise in contemporary figurative art and portraiture. I feel seduced and mesmerised by the way in which the female form has been represented throughout history into modern art. Subsconciously I have gravitated towards contemporary practitioners such as Jenny Saville, Mark Demsteader and Charmaine Olivia, who have inspired me to subvert the traditional expectations of female representation.
I feel empowered by the textural quality of paint, as well as introducing other mediums such as pencil, ink and charcoal. Through the use of these mixed mediums I provoke connotations of erotica, sexuality, sensuality and strength.’

Mixed Show


Oliver Winconek


Candice Tripp




Pure Evil


Tuesday 19th of April – Monday 25th of April Exhibitors:

Pop in to Lilford Studio this week to see the fantastic artwork of Stevie McMahon and Esther Mace!

Go to Lilford Studio’s social media pages to see photos of this exhibition!


If you are interested in holding an exhibition of your work at Lilford Studio please email us on

Stevie McMahon

blue feathers

Esther Mace