Steve McGinn


‘My approach to art is abstract and minimal focusing on the essence of an idea/concept using the pure elements of fine art, colour and form. My sculptural background helps dictate my use of materials, chosen for their capacity to emulate and contribute to the vibrancy of what it is to be alive. Using the intensity of colour as well as freeing up compositional boundaries has enabled me to explore the differences between working with chance and control. During the application of paints, inks, resin and other media the resulting interactions become complex and difficult to predict. These chance accidents are integral to the nature of my work. Like science they celebrate uncertainty and see potential within ‘mistakes’. Each artwork is not planned but becomes fully formed within the making and thinking process, allowing natural forces to leave their trace producing a genuine conclusion. Any resulting ambiguity invites the viewer to contribute their imagination completing the creative process without dictating it.

I am an artist in everything I do, it has greatly enriched my life, fulfilling a compelling need to create – an addiction to the fleeting sense of discovery it brings. It is this ongoing process of creative discovery that I try to share.’



Sonnet 9
Original Resin and Wood
Approx Size: 380mm x 380mm


Sonnet 7
Original Resin and Wood
Approx Size: 380mm x 380mm

T: 01303 487 294


 A: Lilford Gallery Folkestone
8 The Old High street