Nick Smith

About the Artist

Nick Smith is an up and coming London-based interior designer / visual artist with a vivid imagination and broad range design skills. Not satisfied with just creating beautiful walls, Nick also started to make the artwork to hang on them in the form of small screen printed editions often with hand finished details.

More recently Nick has begun enhancing upon his ‘Pantone swatch works’. A simple yet ingenious method of creating famous canonised works of art, breaking them down and reassembling them as pixelated, individual pantone colour sample swatches. Visually appealing and already iconic, given the subject, the art is more of a statement towards the digitisation of the world and how even the Mona Lisa can be compressed and separated into individual components – colour, tone etc. Where does the original begin? 

With a mental bookcase stuffed full of past and current visual obsessions tying Victorian illustration to Memphis design, Nick’s work draws on a diverse and exciting pool of influence. Refusing to be pinned down, expect many surprises in the future from this talented artist.

Van Gogh Mini
Van Gogh Mini 2016
Signed Limited Edition print
Edition of 199
Size Unframed: 360mm x 460mm

van gogh
Van Gogh
Handmade Original Collage
Limited Edition 0f 5
Size Framed: 595mm x 800mm

mona lisa
Mona Lisa
Handmade Original Collage
Limited Edition of 3
Size Framed: 710mm x 1000mm

Splash 2015
Signed Limited Edition Giclee With Glazes and Screenprint
Edition of 100
Size Unframed: 880mm x 890mm

Van Goghtn
Van Gogh
Handmade Original Collage
Limited Edition of 7
Size Framed: 470mm x 570mm


Handmade Original Collage
Size Framed: 1035mm x 535mm