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Brian Oxley

I usually get an idea in my head to paint a particular subject dependent upon the time of the year, available subject matter in the garden or ideas that occur in the house.  I have worked objectively, sometimes rapidly completing a painting in a single visit, at other times developing the idea in several stages.

In the past I have spent a month at a time painting in Italy, France and Ireland but the majority of my ideas have come from over 40 years living in Hythe and Romney Marsh where we have a large garden and sheep in our field.

The Hythe fishing beach has seen several painters, (Fred Cuming & John Eveleigh for example), working in a series of paintings with different aims, but having in common a drive to capture aspects of the changing light, looking both east and west. I have worked there many times before and experience a great buzz working directly from nature trying desperately to keep pace with the rapidly changing skies.

I am a past student of Canterbury Art College (NDD), and more recently KIAD (Canterbury), where I completed an Interdisciplinary MA in Art and Architecture. I did a degree course at Goldsmiths way back in the 60’s.

I have featured in three television programmes for ITV AND BBC most recently painting a portrait in a BBC series about an auctioneer. I have work in private collections in the U. S. A., Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Ireland and the UK.