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Edward Waites

Art has always been a passion for Edward since an early age and continued throughout his school years at The King’s School Ely, where he was awarded an art scholarship. He did not start experimenting with sculpture until he was sixteen, but since then, this has been his main media of interest.

Most of the early work was based on anatomy, with a particular emphasis on human musculature and physique. More recently, he has expanded into animals and wildlife, still keeping this emphasis on physique; his individual style is very apparent in his sculpture. His personal connection with and feeling for animals has developed over time and will continue to do so.

Edward is a sculptor based near Newmarket working in clay and casting bronze and bronze resin pieces. His interest and lifestyle has a subtle influence on his pieces and his ideas spring from his rural surroundings, interest in animals and their physical form. His fascination with the animal’s presence comes through in his work and one could say is almost exaggerated in their shape and structure. Each one of his sculptures depicts the animal’s personality in an adopted position. These positions and characteristics may sometimes not necessarily be typical of the respective animal, thereby adding an individual and quirky aspect to the piece.