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Hugh Ribbans

Hugh Ribbans, trained at Canterbury College of Art as a graphic artist and now runs a graphic design business. Relief printmaking was the practical subject on the National Diploma course and in 1989 he purchased a restored Columbian press, circa 1830.

He spends as much time as his graphic work allows producing woodcuts and linocuts, mixing heavily grained wood – often driftwood – and lino in his prints. Subject matter is derived from images of animals and birds often with a stylised treatment much influenced by ethnic art and his graphic background. Some are multi-colour block prints with each colour registered to print with the next block, others are hand coloured using acrylic and watercolour inks.

Animals and birds feature in much of his work together with images inspired by his travels to India and the Far East. The Influences of ethnic, Egyptian and aboriginal art are to be found in many of the images together with a style based on pattern and in particular a fascination with line. Often when clearing away a background on a block it becomes impossible not to turn the clearing process into an opportunity for line decoration and pattern.

He has exhibited at the Barbican Gallery, the National Theatre, the National Print Exhibition, the Printmakers Council Open, The Society of Wood Engravers and the Society of Wildlife Artists.