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Jake Lamerton

Jake was born in Kent in 1994, currently studying a BFA at the Slade School of Art, after completing a foundation diploma at UCA Canterbury.

“Collecting Ideas from the media, the city, my dreams and imagination, my practice is encompassed by the boundaries of drawing, painting and photography. The work being shown at Lilford Framing & Gallery comes from a project named ‘Pulling Faces’ working from still images taken from YouTube videos. These videos revealed to me the ability of the lens to capture something of humanity that could not be necessarily detected, or rather, perceived as significant by the naked eye. The spontaneity of the images I extracted (and interpreted) could not be replicated by working from life and therefore spoke more to me about the capability of the lens itself than the portrayal of a particular individual.

For me, the evidence of my hand as a tool is essential to my practice, as I believe my fallibility in producing and reproducing images (as opposed to the reliability of the machine) provides directness and humanises the work to some extent. The performance of the hand and the line also interests me in this way.”