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Kirsten Askew

Kirsten Askew, “As an abstract expressionist painter, my work is very much an emotional process , approaching a blank canvas with a thought or feeling of what I would like to create. I often mix media applying layer by layer until I am satisfied. Under each painting are multiple layers, beginning with ink marks and drips/runs to break up the surface and free up my hands.

My go to materials are acrylics and oils, and making marks with pastels, china markers ,sticks , a palette knife, and a spray bottle to encourage a breakdown of colour. I paint mainly on large canvasses giving me more freedom to move instinctively.

My landscapes take on a more literal interpretation but even my abstracts are continuations of colour palettes I have seen.

I love to paint nature, moving from trees to blossoms, florals and landscapes responding to how my view moves me. It starts with an idea and evolves as I interpret the subject, leaving an impression rather than a realistic depiction.

I grew up in South Africa and have loved drawing from a young age and was always encouraged to create by my parents. I studied textile design and have career moves not always based on art. I spent 20 years as a wall technique specialist and this free style is behind many of my brushstrokes.

I paint and live in Essex with my partner Andrew and multi personality cat Willow.”