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Sandra Chevrier

Sandra Chevrier is a self-taught artist, illustrator and painter who works full time from home in her studio alongside being a full time mum. Her work explores themes of social freedom amongst women.

The use of comic book collage within her work masks the identity of the female and acts to symbolise the struggle they have in day-to-day life. It should be noted however that her work is not necessarily to be seen as feminist, for there are many reasons why Chevrier chooses to use women within her work; one simply being that they fit alongside the statement she is trying to make much more than a male or perhaps a child would.

Her work has been shown globally and she has pieces in collections around the world. Chevrier, as an artist, has become increasingly popular. Her use of mixed media contrasting against bold colouring and use of illustration has been particularly successful. The aesthetics of her work are not the most imperative thing about them – Chevrier is more interested in the statement which she is trying to communicate. She believes that society’s preconception of a woman’s role within 21st century society has been distorted and as a response to this she portrays women as ‘Superheroes’ with powers beyond normality. A woman is now expected to not only be a mother, but a lover, a carer and a breadwinner.

Chevrier’s women are created with a feminine gaze, a sensitive vulnerability which seemingly contrasts with the heroic and powerful expression they project. Chevrier’s work forcefully blurs the lines between femininity and masculinity, power and submission.