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Simon Postgate

“Ever since childhood I have been interested in the relationship between humans and animals and it’s expression in art. The horse has a particular place in this and is a fascinating creature to draw.
The horse is a companion to man but also an enigma, a physically powerful and potentially unpredictable creature with what appear to be child-like loyalties and emotions that stand like a bridge between us and the unknown.
The horse emerges out of the liquid darkness, out of time before time, a mute messenger of unimaginable elegance and grandeur, sniffing your pocket.
We look at horses through a filter of culture of image, memory and romance.  But the horse knows nothing of this, from us; it wants only . . . an apple.
The name of the stallion in these pictures is Storm.
I love that name. It conjures up images of sudden light in the dark, a rumble in the distance.
The horse belongs to my cousin, Lucy who very kindly allowed me to take some images of Storm with her there, to use for drawings.
The drawings were made using Charcoal, Oiled Charcoal and White Charcoal on Italian paper.   

Hello, my name is Simon Postgate and I’m an artist who lives locally. I grew up in Whitstable and Blean. I was a member of the Royal Circle of Artists in Barcelona and the Whitstable Contemporary Arts Group. I have had many exhibitions both in this country and in Spain. I live presently in Herne Bay. I am a qualified Art Teacher, Technical Illustrator and have a Masters degree in Fine Art.”