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Terry Warren

Terry Warren, born 1951, a victim of love, security and freedom.

“My dad was a gifted model maker, so there were always tools and wood and glue and things being made. I loved making bows and arrows and tree camps. I didn’t like kits where you had to follow instructions and do things properly.

I trained as a teacher but by 1975 I was self-employed, making a wide variety of craft goods, including laminated wooden jewellery and wood sculptures. This sustained the body but not always the mind until 1999, when in a fit of adventure I decided to do something useful. I became a support assistant at South Kent College, and then a lecturer in Basic Skills. From 2001 I became tutor at the Dover New Start Centre, for groups of excluded 14-16 year olds.

2003 I returned to self-employment because I just like making things.

All the timber used in my furniture and sculptures has been found on the beaches of the South Coast, from Kent to Cornwall. Something that I find sparks off an idea, that is added to by bits and pieces lurking in my shed; the accumulation of years of beachcombing. Making the assemblages most clearly expresses my wilful, wee bit obsessive nature.”