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Eva Blume

“I began a City & Guild course in Pottery & Design in Lewisham in 1990 and was taught by Glenda Cahillane, Karen Bunting and Annie Turner. In 1998 Jane Waller’s book ‘Colour in Clay’ which includes a section of my work in thrown agate ware was published.

The City & Guild courses had opened a new world for me of making and designing and in 1999 I moved to Kent and bought my own kiln three years later. This opened new opportunities to expand my interest on various temperatures, different clays, homemade glazes and techniques. I had already started designing pottery houses and was keen to develop my work further. I am fascinated by houses and roofscapes, ie seeing row after row of Victorian houses with their many chimneys.

In recent years, I have rediscovered my love of printing and I attend various courses in printmaking, mainly at the City Lit in London for lino cutting and photo etching. The lino cutting skills I have gained are particularly useful for my sculptures.

In my sculptures, I bring together my fascination of houses with reality and fantasy; with form and colour, light, shadow, connections and differences. I like the columns to show some movements, to give some expression of either being tall and upright or slightly curved, or connected with another column, which makes each sculpture unique.

Once I have created the column I start building the ‘houses’ in a way that the two parts complement each other and become one.”