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Ric Horner

I have continued to paint since graduating from Exeter College of Art in 1989, and have exhibited regularly in Bristol, Devon, Kent, and London.

My work is primarily concerned with the study of light, and its relationship to landscape and seascape. I am fascinated by the way it invokes different moods, and memories.

Rather than predetermining the composition I like to work intuitively, for example, allowing interesting moments from a walk to inform the painting. Working in this way is dependant on regular drawing practice and the discipline to change direction when inspiration calls for it, hopefully allowing a stronger idea to be realised.

I have recently moved back to Kent (Whitstable) and have taken the opportunity to concentrate on seascapes.

The coast here provides an infinite variety of light effects with minimal formal elements. However the tidal margin between land and sea provides features and reflections and a persistent metaphor in its’ ebb and flow.

I am always looking for different solutions to express light and form and often find abstraction a difficult but ‘felt’ solution to an idea.